NEW in 2016–2017

A person who is 11 years old may apply for or obtain big game hunting permits through the Hunting Expo provided that person meets all of the Utah Code Requirements for this new rule (the person’s 12th birthday must fall within the calendar year for which the permit is issued, the person may not use a permit to hunt big game before the person’s 12th birthday, etc.)

Read all of the requirements for 11-year old applicants here.

What is the $5 Expo Permit Program?

There are two primary purposes in operating the Utah Wildlife Expo Permit Program:

  • To generate revenue to fund wildlife conservation activities in Utah.
  • To attract a regional/national wildlife exposition to Utah.

As part of this program, the Utah Wildlife Board authorizes up to 200 hunting permits (Expo permits) each year that are allocated to hunters through a public drawing held at a wildlife exposition. The actual drawing selection of successful applicants is held at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources offices in the days following the expo event.

Where does the $5 application fee go?

Hunters are charged a $5 per-permit application fee when they apply in the expo permit drawing. The DWR must approve in advance how 30 percent of these funds are spent. Expo organizers (SFW and MDF) spend the remaining 70 percent on policies, programs, projects and personnel that support a significant number of conservation initiatives across the state of Utah. All of the $5 application fee revenue directly benefits wildlife conservation in Utah.

For additional information, visit the Mule Deer Foundation and SFW online.

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$5 Applicant
$5 Applicant
$5 Applicant