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Hunting Alaska

Presented by Joe Letarte

Thursday, February 10 • 4:15pm
Friday, February 11 • 3pm

Joe and Victoria Letarte founded Alaska Wilderness Enterprises in 1982. They wanted this company to be viewed as a premier Big Game Hunting and Sport Fishing operation covering the State of Alaska. They had big dreams and with hard work and a dedicated love for the outdoors they made their dream into a reality. They live a true Alaskan lifestyle, totally off the grid using only wood to heat their home. Guiding hunting and fishing trips and trapping are their way of life. Upon arriving in Alaska they homesteaded a 40-acre parcel of land where they built their log home. It was hard work but very rewarding for them to see this major endeavor completed by hand and it is still something to be very proud of.

Joe became a full time professional hunter holding an Alaskan Master Guide License as well as a State of Arizona Registered Guide License where he also guides hunts for Coues Deer, Elk and Mule Deer. Victoria also held an Assistant Guide License in Alaska and actively worked in the field on many guided hunts. She also ran the face and business side of the operation. Sadly Victoria passed away in October 2016.

Joe’s experience throughout Alaska has taken him from The Brooks Range to the Alaska Range and into Southeast Alaska. This has given him the experience to select the best hunting and fishing concessions in the state. Alaska Wilderness Enterprises now operates in the Yukon River Valley, the Alaska Range and Southeast Alaska. With over 42 years of Alaska hunting experience outdoor training including a Wilderness EMT certification and being recognized as an outdoor survival expert has made Joe one of the most qualified guides in North America.

Joe is an accomplished seminar speaker for topics such as hunting Dall Sheep, Moose, Brown and Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Goat and Caribou. Joe is a TV personality appearing in numerous hunting shows on Alaska, and has authored many articles published in major magazines on hunting in Alaska and is a past President of the Alaska Trappers Association and a past board member of the Alaska Citizens Advisory Committee for State Parks. He has not only guided hundreds of hunters on safe and successful hunts in the Alaska back country. He has also guided thousands of rafters, fisherman and scenic ??oat clients on Alaska dream vacations, it takes skill for this type of career and this is a career Joe has committed his life to.

Joe has also hunted extensively around the world taking game on twelve continents. Today Joe spends over 200 days each year guiding and scouting for game to ensure successful hunting for his clients. There is an extreme amount of planning that goes into each hunt. Joe and Victoria always made it a point to give back to their community and regularly donate to organizations to help raise money for Wildlife Conservation as well as charities helping people in need and have helped raise over $800,000 for various organizations.