About the Expo


The Western Hunting & Conservation Expo (Expo) is a celebration of wildlife conservation and America’s hunting heritage. This one-of-a-kind event was created by the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) and Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife (SFW). These two national wildlife conservation organizations have combined their resources to produce what is now the premier, must-attend hunting and wildlife conservation event in North America.

  • The Expo is a major wildlife fundraising event that raises million of dollars annually for critical wildlife conservation projects and the fulfillment of SFW’s and MDF’s respective missions.
  • The Expo offers a unique opportunity for hunters to apply for 200 of Utah’s most sought-after limited entry big game permits for just $5 each application. Applications must be validated in person by the hunter.
  • The Expo reaches more than 3 million western hunters through a multi-media broadcast, digital and print advertising campaign geographically targeted in California, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and other states.
  • 50,000 avid big game hunters from 48 of 50 states attend the Expo (Connecticut and Delaware were not represented in 2023).
  • The Expo features 575+ exhibitors from throughout North America and other continents representing hunting, manufacturing, guides and outfitters, retailers, and other companies.
  • The Expo hosts 3 live auctions during the 4-day event – Friday Day, Friday Night and Saturday Night – bringing bidders in person and online competing for hundreds of Conservation permits, Statewide and Governor’s permits, international and other premium hunts, collector firearms, and a variety of other auction items during these exciting events.

Strengthening Wildlife Conservation: The Expo greatly enhances partnerships between hunting-based companies and wildlife conservation organizations in a common goal to restore, protect, and enhance wildlife populations through a myriad of important watershed, habitat and wildlife initiatives.

Money Raised for Wildlife Conservation at the Expo:

2023        $ 13.9 Million Raised
2022        $ 9.7 Million Raised
2021        $ 8.7 Million Raised

2020        $ 8.1 Million Raised