February 2–5, 2023
Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.

200 Permits


APPLICATIONS FOR THE 200 PERMITS ARE NOT YET OPEN. The Utah Wildlife Board is in the process of approving the final list of 200 Permits. We anticipate the applications will begin in very early December. Stay tuned.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) offers the Wildlife Expo Permit Program, which has two primary purposes:

  • To generate revenue to fund wildlife conservation activities in Utah.
  • To attract a regional or national wildlife exposition to Utah.

As part of this program, the Utah Wildlife Board authorizes up to 200 hunting permits (Expo permits) each year that are allocated to hunters through a public drawing. Hunters are charged a $5 per-permit application fee when they apply in the Expo permit drawing. The DWR must approve in advance how 30 percent of these funds are spent. The Expo organizers must spend the remaining 70 percent on policies, programs, projects and personnel that support conservation initiatives in Utah. All of the application fee revenue benefits wildlife conservation in Utah. The DWR audits the program annually.

When you apply for 200 Utah Big Game Tags, you are contributing to Wildlife Conservation in Utah. Applications for the 200 Expo Permits will be open in the late fall 2023 prior to the Expo show dates. The drawing for the 200 Permits is held in the week following the Expo, and results are posted here on the Expo website.