Apply for 200 Permits


This is Conservation!

When you apply for 200 Utah Big Game Tags, you are contributing to Wildlife Conservation in Utah. The Expo’s 200 permits are made available to all eligible hunters. All revenue from the $5 application fees stays in Utah and is used to fund many critical wildlife and habitat improvement projects throughout the state each year. Your participation in the Expo and applying for the 200 hunting permits is vital to the success of Utah’s  wildlife conservation programs. We thank you!

ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE DONE ONLINE! The Expo will no longer provide paper application forms on site. Applying for the Expo’s 200 Utah tags is easy. There are no bonus points and no waiting period for these limited entry permits. You must have a valid hunting or combination license when applying for the permits. You must validate in person at the Expo February 10-13, 2022 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. If you have questions or need help applying, please email or call ( 801) 971-1310.

Click here to see the list of all 200 Permits

200 Utah premium, limited entry, and once-in-a-lifetime trophy hunting tags are available to any and all sportsmen (not on revocation) by public drawing for $5 per hunt unit application fee to those who apply and then validate their application in person at the Hunting Expo. No person may apply on behalf of another. You can apply for all available permits at the Expo. Your bonus points and waiting period are not affected if you draw out for a limited-entry permit. If you draw out for a once-in-a-lifetime permit, you will get the waiting period for that species in the Utah Big Game Draw. However, you will not earn bonus points when applying for these permits. Any person may apply for any or all available permits at the Expo regardless of what permits he/she may have drawn in previous Utah public draws (unless the person is on revocation).

The State of Utah and the Utah Wildlife Board offers these special hunting permits each year. All application fee revenue stays in Utah and is used only for wildlife conservation fulfillment and projects in Utah.

If you draw one of these 200 permits, you may still apply in the traditional Utah Big Game drawing that is open February 2022. If you draw Utah hunting permit in the traditional draw for the same species, then you may only accept one of the two permits – it’s your choice. The Expo permits drawing will be conducted within 14 days of the close of the Expo. Successful applicant’s names and the permits they have drawn in the Expo drawing will be posted online at